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Equipment holding

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E-beam cylinder type exposure equipment

  • Maximum acceleration voltage 100KeV
  • Exposure equipment with combined use for flat and 3 dimensional cylinder mold
  • 3 dimensional cylinder mold control through magnetic levitation
  • Nano level pattern exposure is applied directly to the cylinder mold for the first time in the world.

3 dimensional cylinder coating equipment

  • Coating type: For both Spray and Drop
  • PC control based
  • 300mm , 100Ø cylinder mold corresponding
  • Cylinder roller angle adjustment by Z-stage mounted(Stroke: 40mm)

Nickel mold decompression equipment

  • 320mm cylinder mold decompression equipment
  • Size(mm) : 750(L) x 450(W) x 335(H)
  • Motor control-speed control
  • Pressure control-Impression roller
  • Custom Feeding Guide
  • Mold decompression that uses OCA film

  • Nickel mold decompression equipment

  • OCA film decompression

  • Nickel mold decompression